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15 Questions with the CEO – Mambe Churchill Nanje of Njorku.com

Here on Whoot Africa, we not only showcase brands, but we also talk to the people behind those brands and have them share with us their back stories as well as give tips on how to successfully start and run a business.

Welcome to Whoot Africa’s – 15 Questions with the CEO.

Today, we will be talking with Mambe Churchill Nanje , CEO of Afrovision Group  & Njorku.com  



1.      Can you tell us a little about yourself and Njorku as a brand you represent?

I am a young Cameroonian Software developer turned entrepreneur. I am based in Buea Cameroon and I am the founder of Njorku.com the technology based career and recruitment platform for Africa. Njorku’s strong focus is to help millions of Africans land the best jobs in Africa.

2.      How did you get started in Business and what did it take for you to get to where you are today?

When I was 19 years old, I was a computer instructor at a local institute (Trustech Institute of Technology Buea, Cameroon) teaching web programming and computer repairs, during that period; a lot of people were hiring me to develop small websites for them. After a while I decided to quit the teaching role and focus more on building basic websites and small software applications for Cameroonians and later I got to build solutions for clients’ worldwide. I founded a small company called AfroVisioN Group [www.afrovisiongroup.com].

3.      What were you doing before Njorku kicked off and why did you decide to start Njorku

At AfroVisioN Group, I had issues finding the best people to hire for the job and that lead me to developing and launching Njorku.com, so Njorku was from a personal need and I realised it was something a lot of companies will love to have, which will also help a lot of job seekers by reducing how much they spend in terms of time and money to find their next job.

4.      Did you know you were going to be an Entrepreneur all along or did it happen by chance?

Well I didn’t plan to become an entrepreneur, I was just tinkering with computers and internet and people took note of my skills. I had plans to go to the University, get a degree and get a good job but the plans had to be halted because I saw opportunities I couldn’t resist.

5.      What do you love most about your business and your life as an Entrepreneur?

I love the fact that I get to impact a lot of lives with my ideas, knowledge and my work. Njorku serves thousands of people across the world daily and overtime it might be millions and that makes me happy.


Mambe - Not your average CEO...
Mambe Churchill Nanje Always on the Move

6.      What keeps you and the Njorku team motivated?

The quest to impact more lives with our technology and solutions. We are always thinking of ways to make it easier for the African job seekers to find the right job and for employers to find the right candidates in Africa.

7.      What do you think are the most important personal skills someone must have to be successful in business?

To be successful in business, you must believe in yourself, be patient, extend your comfort zone, expect and be ready for failure, integrity and be very passionate in whatever you do.

8.      How do you envision Njorku in 5-10years from now?

I envision Njorku serving over 60 to 100million Africans and companies’ worldwide in the next 5 to 10years.

9.      What are the obstacles you encountered in your business journey and how did you overcome them?

Business in general has a lot of obstacles but the main ones are finding the right people for the job and raising capital. I was lucky to be self-taught so I get to hire people and train them on the job. I also was opportune to make a lot of friends that trusted me and overtime they gave me loans and financing opportunities to continue with my ventures.

10.  How would you describe your leadership style?

I lead by example. I am more of showing you how it’s done so you can focus and do it while I move on to other things. I believe in micro management, even though I know it has both its pros and cons but I am most comfortable that way.


11.  Why did you choose this line of business/service or product and when did you know it was it for you?

While I was learning how to code in cyber cafes in 2004/2005, I met people who appreciated what I was doing, there and then I realised this could be good for me. Also, the success stories from Silicon Valley pushed me to realise there was an opportunity for us in Africa via technology and internet.

12.  Who was the most influential person or mentor in your life?

My mom, she is a nurse who never stopped at nursing, she had her hands in small businesses here and there. She got us involved as kids in her numerous small ventures and saving schemes. Till date she works and owns farm and small shops. Funny she still sends me money once in a while as a way of showing her support.

13.  What was the BIGGEST risk you’ve taken?

I quit my job and decided to start a business selling websites and software development services while I had no idea about doing business and I didn’t have any capital.

14. What do you think about college education? Should kids go to college now or get into business if they feel it’s a better choice? Considering some of the world’s greatest never had college education, your thoughts?

There are many roads that lead to Rome. I would not disregard college education because some people need it while others don’t. The world’s greatest as you said never had college training but if you check those they wish to hire, they always request college certificates. I would say it depends on the individual and the opportunities that present themselves to them. You should consider either not going to college or going to college depending on your own circumstances.

 15.  What would be the most important piece of advice you could give to young entrepreneurs and why?

Enjoy hard work! Because it always pays 😉


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Contact Afrovision Group to build your website or upgrades to your current one  or Search for your next job on Njorku.com

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