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A beauty to behold – The “CaxtonAlile” Brand

The CaxtonAlile brand is a creative company that specializes in three lines of businesses, CaxtonAlileCARDS, CaxtonAlileINTERIORS and CaxtonAlileFashion.


CaxtonAlile designs create greeting cards that are as true to the African culture as possible, making sure that they pertinently express emotions and feelings through a card. C.A.C’s are patriotic without losing the often desired western aesthetics; as well as breath-taking contemporary interior designs and decorations by CaxtonAlile interiors.


Launched in June 2007, CaxtonAlile was born out of love and a passion for all things beauty and “fabulousity”, Caxtonalile as a business has grown from their first funny greeting card to a masterpiece with its interior decorations aspect of the business, catering to design needs for residential, commercial and the hospitality industry, while CaxtonAlile (Cards) is about the expression of humour combined with a rich African heritage that finds the humour in the simplest things of everyday life.

CaxtonAlile also serve as consultants in using their skills and expertise as qualified designers to bring creativity and help with solving architectural problems by taking the basic and sometimes complex features of light, patterns, colours and textures while judiciously applying calculating principles of contrast, rhythm, proportion, scale and balances to create a functional, harmonious and eye catching designs and concepts.

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CaxtonAlile keeps up with new software and design programs and are constantly updating and creating “better than their last” designs.

“CaxtonAlile’s number one priority is to always produce quality work, encompassing all aspects from paper quality, to print quality, and even to the quality of our written work. Nigeria is not a place where quality is always assured and we’d like for CaxtonAlile Design’s work to be synonymous with quality work”.

The CaxtonAlile brand is about you, what makes you happy as a client and the professional touch of the CaxtonAlile brand that keeps you inspired and satisfied.

You can shop CaxtonAlile Cards online with stockist also in the UK and US

Contact CaxtonAlile Interiors – contactus@caxtonalile.com or Call +234(0) 808 385 8147/8

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