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A brand new you – The Eden Lifestyle Way.


Living a healthy well balanced lifestyle can never be overemphasized.  The hustle and bustle of today’s modern world is seeing younger people work even harder than ever before, and at the same time, less and less time is given to living a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

Eden Lifestyle Nigeria, was birth out of the need to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices and practical fitness regimes as part of everyday life to the average Nigerian. Eden lifestyle represents taking control, making a conscious choice for your body, well- being, your fitness, attitude and your overall state of mind.

Eden Lifestyle believes a healthy way of life goes beyond looking fit, it’s about survival; taking precautions to avoid unforeseen health and mental issues.

Eden Lifestyle, compared to every other lifestyle program in Nigeria, advocates the need for evaluation and starting afresh; a new approach to living, no short cuts to fitness and well-being; besides exercise, a balanced diet and an equally responsible social life.

Eden Lifestyle has a team of qualified nutritionist, fitness trainers, dermatologists and social lifestyle advocates; Whose expertise will help you in keeping  up with the latest fitness techniques, healthy lifestyle tips, and a team to support you through your weight loss and keep fit programs.

The Eden lifestyle brand offers a wide range of lifestyle and wellness solutions ranging from:

Management of Gym and Spa facilities in apartment blocks, hotels, offices and leisure centres

Sports, Gym and Spa Facilities in neighbourhoods

Health Food Delivery

Health and Fitness transformation packages

Corporate Wellness Interventions

Strategic Partnerships to give members discounts on lifestyle services, thereby enhancing the Eden Experience

Eden Lifestyle also offers consultancy service packages based on all of the above services mentioned.

Eden Lifestyle Nigeria, through its CEO Maje Ayida, recently announced “The Lost in Lagos and NoPain NoGain” fitness campaign. As part of its corporate social responsibility, proceeds from the event were donated to The African Children’s Development Initiative. With shoes donated to the children by the Max retail store and hydration provided by the Aquafina brand.

Eden Lifestyle’s campaign towards fitness and well being, is applauded and should be supported by both corporate bodies and the educational sector in order to educate the younger generation on the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be complex and daunting, start today, with a brand new you “the Eden Lifestyle way”.

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Contact Eden Lifestyle for help with your weight loss and nutrition choices.

Email- wellness@edenlifenigeria.com

Call- 234(0) 706-261-4551

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