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A super simple way to get your products on popular shopping websites – Retail Tower (Ghana)

RetailTower, specializes in creating e-commerce marketing software that helps small and medium size online merchants promote their products and drive traffic through leading comparison shopping engines.

Online merchants face a complex sales environment. Increasingly, shoppers are using comparison-shopping engines and social recommendation sites to find products and compare prices. To remain competitive, merchants need to keep up with these trends. However, most small and medium size merchants do not have the resources or expertise to compete effectively. RetailTower offers plug-and-play solutions to meet the needs of this growing merchant base.

Retail Tower is currently running a “freemium” business model; with its flagship products free for all merchants. They are developing premium add-ons / features which will be useful to small and medium merchants. They are also implementing affiliate revenues from their partner shopping engines.

With Retail Tower’s seamlessly integrating with ecommerce platforms and comparison shopping engines. This integration reduces the time required for the implementation of an online marketing campaign. Retail merchants can also create Facebook stores on their Facebook fan-page using RetailTower.

To find out how Retail Tower can be of help to your online store or brand, visit  www.retailtower.com


Email: blaise@retailtower.com

Phone:  +233246301622

Twitter Handle: @retailtower

Skype ID :  Bayuobie



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