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As an average consumer /buyer of Nigerian products, nothing can be more fulfilling than being able to proudly say and compare innovative products and services around the world to major market offerings in Nigeria. The days of waiting for someone or days to make transactions have become an issue of the past,  the Nigerian market now enjoys the same innovative brands as they would around the world, one of such products is PAGA.

PAGA- Your cash, Anywhere, Anytime

PAGA is a fast and convenient payment system, innovatively designed to facilitate quick and easy financial transactions and services across the Africa region with initial focus on the Nigerian financial sector.

PAGA uses mobile networks as an electronic wallet, as long as you have a smartphone or internet connection, you can access the PAGA payment system to pay bills, airtime, various monthly subscriptions  and even set up a payment plan.

Its payment reach cuts across all network carriers in Nigeria, it boasts of its safe and secure payments facilities and is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria.

Started in 2009, PAGA obtained its operational license with the Central bank of Nigeria in 2011. PAGA has grown remarkably well with integrity and constantly expanding while ceasing every opportunity to showcase its business prowess and improve user base experiences. With an ever expanding user base, PAGA wouldn’t be the success that it is today without the visionary and leadership competence of its CEO Tayo Oviosu.

Designed for personal use, business transactions and job opportunities for agents, whatever category you fall into; PAGA’s system is designed for maximum ease and convenience and is currently voted as the No 1 money transfer and mobile payment services in Nigeria. PAGA currently offers a “no charges” offer for funding your account with your debit card.

Partnering with organizations such as Diamond Bank, DealDey, Multichoice et.al. PAGA is gaining grounds and has established a force and a territory in the financial sector that can never be overlooked; PAGA is expanding, with its payment system projected to service major African economies within the next decade.

One is proud to say, we won’t be needing Paypal any-time soon in Nigeria….

PAGA is here to stay, proudly designed by us for us.

You can start using PAGA payments in a matter of minutes by registering online at www.mypaga.com

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