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Don’t Compromise on Safety. Introducing the E-Alert App!!!

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What is E-Alert?

• E-Alert is an initiative from a Nigerian company helping individuals to notify their loved ones when caught in dangerous situation.
• A single click on the Panic button will send pre-defined alert messages to emergency contacts with your GPS location (in 45 second intervals) via SMS and Email until you wish to disable the sending of alerts.

Goals of the application

• Fastest way of notifying the emergency contacts when in danger
• Make the citizen feel safe in their own country


The Problem: Insecurity

Nigeria accounted for 26 percent of kidnap and ransom incidents worldwide as of 2013. –NYA International. There is no reliable national emergency communication number similar to 999 or 911 as in the USA.

U.S. Department of State; Nigeria’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC):

“Over the past year, Nigeria has seen the number of kidnappings of “average” Nigerians increase dramatically. These incidents generally target middle class individuals because they do not cause an “international incident” that an expatriate kidnapping often does.”

“Despite a visible police presence in large cities, police assistance does not have a wide reach.”

“Visitors and residents experienced armed muggings, assaults, burglaries, car-jackings, rapes, kidnappings, and extortion.”


Here’s how to use the E-alert App


Download from any of your application stores












Find out more about the E- alert app on www.ealertapp.com



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