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Mellowcabs is an urban transport and advertising company based in South Africa, focusing on the manufacturing, implementation and operation of pedicabs nationwide. Pedicabs are high-tech, human assisted, electrically powered vehicles that facilitate first and last mile transport solutions across a broad spectrum.

Mellowcabs is an exciting South African Non-motorized transport (NMT) and advertising company, focusing on the manufacturing, implementation and operation of pedicabs nationwide.

“We’d like to implement our vehicles as a form of micro-transport and as a tourism service around South Africa, as we believe our vehicles could add tremendous value to the South African urban transport network.”

Mellowcabs  is currently in the final pre-launch phase of its pedicabs within various areas in the Western and Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KZN including Century City, Stellenbosch Municipality, Cape Town Municipality, V&A Waterfront, Nelson Mandela Bay, Durban and various other precincts.

Their goal is to roll their vehicles out at various sites around Gauteng and the Western Cape, with other provinces following soon afterwards.

What is Mellowcabs?

  • Mellowcabs offers a high quality electrically-assisted bicycle taxi (pedicab) system that delivers fast, comfortable, and cost-effective urban mobility through the provision of eco-friendly, rapid and frequent operations, and excellence in marketing and customer service.
  • Mellowcabs will be fully integrated with other transport networks. Mellowcabs will not compete with other transport systems such as trains, buses or taxi’s.
  • Zero-emission vehicle technologies, with a shell made from recycled plastic.
  • Mellowcabs operate in a limited radius, and doesn’t interfere with taxi operations.
  • Provisions of services for people with disabilities, such as children, the elderly, and the disabled
  • Provision of urban transport, which will feed into and complement existing networks to ensure the most effective movement of people within cities.
  • Mellowcabs will have a sustainable job creation effect, offering employment to skilled and un-skilled workers.
  • Mellowcabs has several empowerment initiatives.


Why Mellowcabs was set up – South African transport challenges

Despite the growth in car use, public transport and walking are still the predominant “lifeline” forms of mobility for the vast majority of South Africans in order to access work, schools and services. According to the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS 2003):

38 million citizens live in households with NO access to a car.

40 million citizens do not have a driver’s licence.

14 million learners walk to school, 7 million workers and learners use public transport.

13.7 million Citizens used public transport at least once a week & 7 million citizens used a car.



Mellowcab’s services are offered at no cost to the site/precinct or the consumer;

.  A ride in a Mellowcab is totally free to the passenger.

.  Our vision is to create environmentally friendly micro-transport solutions for the South African market over the medium term;

.  Pedicabs have been successfully operating in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia for a significant period of time and are safe vehicles that comply with traffic regulations in South Africa;

.  We are passionate about empowering our people and our business will create end develop skilled jobs amongst other initiatives.


Mellowcabs and Tourism

Mellowcabs could be utilized as a tourism vehicle, for example offering guided tours of Soweto, Gold Reef City or Newtown, to paying customers. Tourism councils from across South Africa have expressed their interest in utilizing Mellowcabs as a tourism vehicle.

Tremendous value could be generated by implementing the electronic media advertising aspect, by using the on-board tablet computer to advertise in the vehicle on behalf of shops, restaurants and other businesses operating in the precinct in which MellowcabsTM operate, or even to advertise the services of other, non-resident businesses.

The on board tablets could be set up to connect the passenger to various electronic media and advertising forms, providing an even further income channel.


If it’s free, how does Mellowcabs intend to stay in business as well provide quality service?


Business case

Mellowcabs income is derived from selling advertising space on, and in our vehicles to large blue-chip advertisers.

Our vehicles are extremely popular and their unique shape and visibility make them highly sought-after advertising media.

The South African advertising market was worth R13 Billion in 2010.

Mellowcabs’ advertising sales is contracted to one of the foremost media companies in South Africa who will sell the advertising on our vehicles and has deep relationships with top quality South African and international brands.

Response from advertisers has been fantastic, with many national brands having expressed keen interest in advertising on Mellowcabs on substantial scale.

Our business is also geared-up for event-based advertising, for example sports, conference and music



Job creation and empowerment, a direct impact of Mellowcabs in South Africa
Mellowcabs will create at least one skilled job for every pedicab in operation. Our drivers will be trained in communication and tour guiding. We will also create many technical and support positions.
We employ our drivers and pay them a market related salary. In addition to the salaries way pay, our drivers earn tips from passengers and a tip box is provided for that purpose. Drivers keep all the tips for their own benefit.
We will implement an owner-driver scheme, in which the vehicles will become the property of the drivers after a period of successful operation, after which we will lease the vehicles from them.


Mellowcabs is a business idea birth and managed by Neil du Preez and Kobus Breytenbach, both experienced business men with a combined period of 30 years between them.

Mellowcabs will be launching soon, if you are in South Africa, look out for them or make sure you add a ride on the Mellowcabs to your tourist activities when you visit South Africa.

Also, if you are an investor interest in further funding for Mellow Cabs, contact Mellowcabs.


Website – Mellowcabs

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Neil du Preez | Managing Director
+(27) 82 719 7904
Kobus Breytenbach | Financial Director
+(27) 82 376 3112

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