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Failing All the Way to Success: Jason Njoku at TEDxEuston


If  by any chance you haven’t heard of Jason Njoku by now, please take the time out to google him and read about him.

Jason Njoku is the founder of IROKO (The Netflix’s of Africa) and a modern day capitalist. He describes his organisation as “Arguably one of the most awesome internet companies in Africa” and without a doubt, we agree…

Jason Njoku not only found his niche market, he is proudly without competition and to state the fact, he might never have competition. Recognized by Forbes magazine and by various important business networks in the world, Jason’s rise to the top in the last five years is highly admirable and commendable; but you need to hear his story to realize he didn’t get here overnight…

After various attempts at businesses and failing, Jason Njoku shares his story at TEDex Euston.


If you have failed and failed over and over again!… Please don’t give up! Just like Jason Njoku failed his way to success, it’s never too late to pick yourself up and try again.


We hope this video inspires you…


Be Inspired!


Keep up with Jason Njoku on his personal website or visit IROKO TV

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