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Feeding Nigeria! Introducing Foodstantly, Nigeria’s food Platform

Introducing Foodstantly!

Foodstantly is an online marketplace for food, perhaps the only online marketplace dedicated to food in Nigeria. Foodstantly provides farmers, food vendors in the wholesale market, retailers, frozen foods market, restaurants, Caterers and Traders an online platform to set up shop, receive payment online, sell and deliver directly to their customers.

Foodstantly operates in three categories:

1. Ready to Cook: Through ready to cook, Consumers can shop for food stuff or farm produce online directly from the online shops of farmers, frozen food retailers and bulk food purchases and pay online or pay on delivery. Consumers can shop on Foodstantly using their computer or mobile device or phone orders.  Ready to cook brings the market to consumers hence saving them the inconvenience of outdoor shopping.

2.  Ready to Eat: With ready to eat, consumers can discover new and existing places to eat and place orders and take delivery of food from restaurants, fast-food, eateries or Caterers. They can pay online or pay on delivery. This saves time and traffic associated with ordering food during lunch time and other times

3. Farm produce Aggregation (soon to commence): Through this model Foodstantly enters into partnership with small time local farmers and collect all their harvest with their trucks and sort them in Foodstantly’s sorting centres and  sell directly to consumers via its online platform. Thereby cutting off the multiple middlemen who add to cost of food in Nigeria

Foodstantly commenced operation in January 2014 with its corporate office in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and a soon to be physical office in Lagos. Their nationwide expansion currently covers Lagos, Kaduna, Benue, Abuja, Ibadan, Rivers State, and a medium term plan to operate in other African countries.


Foodstantly aims to revolutionize the way Africans shop for food and to ensure the food supply chain in Nigeria is disrupted to ensure easy, convenient and cheap access to food.


FoodStantly official website – www.foodstantly.com


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