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“ The most important knowledge today is knowing where to find stuff. In fact, the ability to find stuff is now almost as important as the ability to create stuff”-Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic,Harvard Business Review, 01/2013


Introducing Wasamundi.com, Cameroon’s one stop platform for information on products, brands and services.

Wasamundi in the local Bantou Dialect means:  Search Earth or Find the world.

At Wasamundi.com, we help people find any kind of business across Cameroon and our hope is to do so across Africa by SMS and on our website, www.wasamundi.com



In Cameroon and in Africa in general, information such as restaurants, hotels, and where to shop is not readily accessible. In fact this is one of the reasons we are termed “the dark continent”. You may have to look in old phone books, go through the harsh tropical sun and still not find updated information regarding the places you are looking for.

We at Wasamundi are on a mission to help consumers find what they are looking for with ease and help businesses connect with consumers through one platform in Cameroon; an attempt to cast some light in our way in the so called dark continent.

Further, Wasamundi focuses on providing businesses with an online presence to enhance their exposure using a wide spectrum of our services. Our business is helping people find businesses, helping businesses to get more clients and helping people communicate with one another via the web and by SMS.

Wasamundi has also been quite busy with its latest entry into the educational services sector with wasaHOSTEL



(www.wasamundi.com/hostels or www.wasahostel.com) program to help University students find housing via our website and by SMS across the country.

The SMS based search is very exciting. For example if a student is looking for a Room which cost Two hundred and fifty thousand francs, they can use their mobile phone to text “Search 250000” to 8047 (For MTN and Orange Cameroon Networks). The algorithm then makes the decisions and choses which hostel to return based on unique and several variable like:

How close is this hostel to the University? is there a vacant room in this Hostel? Is there a vacant room for this price which the student has searched? If not it attempts to find the close vacancy within this price range radius and some other variables combined.

We are still working to refine it but it’s some very exciting stuff for us.


Also, we have an SMS platform wasaTEXTO (www.wasamundi.com/texto or www.wasatexto.com); a bulk SMS platform that enables people to communicate with your family, friends, customers and others, worldwide, via SMS


If you are in Cameroon, looking to visit or study, Wasamundi.com is there to help you find your way around with locations and services.


Visit – www.wasamundi.com





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