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Gotta have it: Frockit Rockit

I first noticed the Frockit Rockit, “FnR” brand in 2009. When it launched its customized brand of embellished t-shirts, a simple yet so stylish collection. The FnR brand signifies  uniqueness, creativity and all things beauty and style. officially launched in 2009, Frockit Rockit had been in the works for over a decade according to its creative director Tope Abiola, birth out of the love for styling, unique patterns and the creative craft of combining colors. Frockit Rockit, a simple idea and vision, with a passion for vintage styling has slowly morphed into the brand that it is today.

started with tshirt

     FnR combines’ timeless classics, tastes  and styles of the modern woman with designs that portray creativity and the unconventional mix of fabric in making fashion statements. Frockit Rockit, is about building a wardrobe that will never go out of date. “We want to return glamour to the modern woman”.

FnR’s creative direction, is on a journey to world wide recognition. The Frockit Rockit brand has graced many red carpets, celebrity styling and editorial covers. FnR  is not just another label or fashion place; its the avenue for the fierce, “the not so afraid to stand out” and the colourful, beautiful and stylish trendy woman.

FnR is evolving and stepping out with stylish couture everyday, without a doubt; its one brand to look out for.

Whoot Africa supports and endorses the Frockit Rockit Brand.

Gotta have it; Frockit Rockit

Click here to Visit FROCKIT ROCKIT website. Follow FnR on Twitter @topeFnR

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