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Home & Interior: Nigeria’s first online shop dedicated to housing – CribPark

Cribpark is Nigeria’s first all-round online housing platform.

As Nigeria’s first online shop dedicated to housing, Cribpark is exploring the retail housing market in its entirety with sales and delivery of home related products and services in general, and other evolving opportunities in the housing industry.

Cribpark provides home owners, intending home owners, home design enthusiasts, and housing professionals with information on home designs, house construction, housing information, housing news et.al. It is a great place for newbie’s who want to buy or build their homes to get all the housing information they need. Existing home owners can also make use of the everyday home lifestyle tips and tricks

Currently, there is a huge gap between the volume of services and products provided in the housing industry and their online presence and accessibility, considering the increase in rate of online engagement in the country and the African continent at large. Cribpark realized there was no known housing platform where an average person could go to if he/she was in need of any housing item like furniture and home moving services. “We want to be a place, where people go to once they are in need of a housing item or service”


Cribpark provides its visitors with an array of designs and suggestions on its online catalogue from both local and international designers. It is a good place for intending home owners and housing professionals, to get design inspiration, reviews from peers and housing advice. It is also the easiest way for housing professionals to connect with their clients

Intending home owners, housing professionals, and others with housing needs can order housing and home products, services online and save time on logistics when they visit Cribpark’s first-in-Nigeria housing online shop. They also get to meet with recommended housing professionals, artisans needed for their housing project construction, renovation, repairs etc.

Periodic price rates of products and services and job rates in the housing industry are also supplied on Cribpark


Get in touch with Cribpark

Address: 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: (234) 802 812 2021, (234) 807 102 0204
Email: info@cribpark.com
Web: www.cribpark.com

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