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Indecency? No,we call it “Style Rebirth”

They say give a woman the right shoes and she’d conquer the world. Style Rebirth says; give a woman the right lingerie and her confidence and sexiness will conquer the world.

Just like shoes, couture dresses, in style handbags and timeless pieces; every woman knows the value of the perfect undergarment from bras to panties, nightwear, shape-wear and accessories.


Style Rebirth knows that finding the perfect undergarments will immeasurably go a long way in boosting a woman’s confidence.

The Style Rebirth brand is Nigeria’s pioneer online lingerie shop, trading under its own “Sexy et Fabuleux” label. Style Rebirth stocks affordable brand names, whatever style or brand label you desire; Style Rebirth has you covered.

Style Rebirth offers fittings and consultations, bridal lingerie, as well as plus size lingerie. The “Sexy et Fabuleux” brand aims at comfort and affordability, whatever your budget you are sure to get quality for your money.

Behind the brand is an enterprising and brilliant young lady in the person of Funmi Ibiyode, from IT guru to boardroom executive to business woman extraordinaire; she personifies it all. Funmi Ibiyode has taken her style Rebirth brand to admirable heights.

Recently with a dare to be different, set tongues wagging campaign, Style Rebirth launched a campaign using the relatable common fashion mishap of lingerie exposure in a  very conservative society to drive up awareness and sale for its brand; a unique concept that hasn’t just paid off, but has also put it at the fore front of brand recognition and acceptance in the lingerie business.


Style Rebirth organizes special quarterly events and private buying sessions at unbeatable prices and discounts.

Ladies, it’s time to clear out the old and shop the new with the “Sexy et Fabuleux” label, the Style Rebirth way.

You can’t call lingerie exposure indecency, if she’s wearing Style Rebirth….


You call it indecency? No we call it the Style Rebirth brand.


Shop Style Rebirth or call to order +234 706 6234909

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