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Interested in higher profits, better efficiency and a better service experience for your business? Areedi Business Consulting


Do you know how much business potential your company can achieve, by just having the right strategic directions and consultants?   Is your business going around in circles?

If you own a business or hold a key management position, you know that your day to day responsibilities often go far beyond what is in your job description. While some of these will stretch your skills and help you to advance your career, others are a distraction.

Wouldn’t you rather focus on what you do best?

Are you looking for the best way to steer you company in the right direction, with unbiased advice and consulting services? Look no further than AREEDI.

At Areedi, they have a passion for transforming businesses and helping them grow to reach their full potential. Many of their Clientele are business owners who may not have the support of a professionally trained management team or the right set of employees. Areedi uses a mix of strategy, implementation support and trainings to help each business achieve success.

Offering services such as -:

  • Process Design
  • Service Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trainings (Customized services and General Public trainings)

Many businesses start with a very small team, and they get used to doing things a certain way because the business is new, the team is small, and the owners see no need to have formal processes. However, as businesses grow, we find that it is useful to standardize business procedures, processes and systems so that all stakeholders know how to act, and present a united front in line with the company’s vision and mission.

These standards will guide the business in everything it does, and can be especially useful if created with the customer in mind at every step. Here’s how it works: Areedi looks at what is important to your business and its customers

They document the “as-is” process – where they pay attention to how you do things on a day to day basis (as opposed to how it works on paper)

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Areedi’s Company Profile

  • Areedi consults for Nigerian businesses to help them reach their full potential. With primary focus on business strategy and service design.
  • Areedi’s unique selling point is their ability to work closely with clients to find the right solution for each and every one of them.
  • They also understand Nigeria’s unique operating environment, making it easy to recommend solutions that actually work here.
  • Areedi’s online presence is available at areedi.com, and it showcases their knowledge of business operations in Nigeria. They also share business opportunities with their readers.
  • Areedi operates in a wide range of sectors
  • Areedi’s Managing Director, Uyai Effiong, has deep experience consulting for large international companies from her work at Accenture. She brings a wealth of experience from large corporate organizations as well as growing businesses.

If you’re interested in higher profits, better efficiency and a better service experience for your customers, contact Areedi For more information, Call Uyai Effiong at 0703 755 3682 or Email – uyai.effiong@areedi.com



Areedi Office

Capital Square,

2nd Floor, The Garnet Building,

KM 14, Lekki-Epe Expressway,

Lekki, Lagos

+234 703 755 3682

Email- hello@areedi.com

Areedi Official website – www.areedi.com


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