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Introducing the online home tutor: ChatClass NG


Chatclass NG provides home lessons for kids in secondary schools using whatsapp. Rather than hire regular home lessons teachers, the students learn on their mobile phones via whatsapp.

Chatclass NG provides home lessons in basic subjects primarily for students in secondary schools (or high school as it’s called outside Nigeria) as well as anyone who is interested in learning using Whatsapp on mobile phones. They have a team of very competent teachers who undergo regular training at specific periods to secure quality delivery and compliance.

Wondering how this works? Here’s what you need to know about Chatclass NG:

How exactly does ChatClass NG work?

ChatClass has developed a teaching model on the popular smartphone application (WhatsApp) for the Nigerian Student. Combining text, audio (voice notes), images, videos and the group feature, we are able to teach almost anything effectively on WhatsApp.

Why should I allow my child on ChatClass NG as opposed to a regular home tutor?

There are a lot of advantages. However we would list only 2 here:

1. Kids learn faster with technology.

2. With regards to present-day safety and security challenges, it’s a safer alternative to having someone unknown come to your house.

Wouldn’t Whatsapp consume a lot of internet? 

No. Whatsapp uses very little bandwidth and data compared to other smartphone applications.

Can I have one of your teachers come to my house?


How do I monitor what my child is being taught?

All chats, voice notes, images or video are saved on the phone after the class. So you can review on your child’s phone at a convenient time.

What Syllabus are you using for the home lessons?

We use the 2015 syllabus for Education in Nigeria so that your child is in sync with school work.

What happens when my child misses a class?

As soon as this is reported to us and the cause for such occurrence is known, we will immediately arrange another class at no extra cost to you. *Terms and conditions apply.

What happens when my child’s tutor misses a class?

As soon as this is reported to us and the cause for such occurrence is known, we will immediately arrange another class at no extra cost to you.

How long is a class?

All classes run for 60 minutes per subject with a 30-minute break afterwards to allow preparation for the next class.

What is Time Slot?

A Time slot is simply how long a class is scheduled to run per day. All Classes run for one hour per subject with a 30 minutes break.

Is ChatClass NG open to everyone?

Our primary core audience is students in classes from J.S1 all the way to S. S3. However, if you do not fall within this category but need tutoring in any of our subjects, you are welcome to apply.

What does my child need to join the class? 

Every child is required to a smartphone with WhatsApp installed and working as well as an active internet connection for the period of the class. As much as we want your child onboard, we will not compromise on this.
You mentioned a group feature. How many students will be in the same group?

You have the option of individual or group classes on the platform for your child. A group class may contain as much as 50 – 90 students. We often encourage the group to promote interactivity in class and amongst their peers.

How do you restrict access to the group?

Only the group admin (who is a staff of ChatClass NG) can add or remove anyone from the group. So it is impossible for anyone to join without approval.

My Child is not available. Can i reschedule his/her class? 

Absolutely. We however require that the reasons for the reschedule are made known to us for documentation purposes.

How long are my payments valid?

30 days. All Payments are automatically calculated on a monthly basis on the registration portal.

What happens when my payments expire?

At the end of every month, we will send you fresh invoices based on your initial subscriptions for renewals. Failure to do so will lead to suspension of service.

The Subject(s) i/we want isn’t listed. What do we do?

We are working hard to bring all subjects to this platform. Please send us an email to support@chatclass.ng and check back some other time.

How about assessments (homework)?

All assessments will be sent and received via email.

Does ChatClass NG work during the holidays?


We will be travelling out of Nigeria soon. Can my child’s lessons continue?

Yes. You will however be required to send us an email containing the new location and time zones for documentation purposes.

I am not Nigerian. Neither do I reside in Nigeria. Can ChatClass work for me?

Yes. See previous answer.

Can i register for two subjects with the same time slot?

No. Registration is one subject per time slot.


Visit www.chatclass.ng for more information.


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