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JUMIA NIGERIA, an online one-stop-shop for various consumer goods: from fashion to entertainment gadgets, name it, JUMIA NIGERIA has it all and recently have been described as one of the major platforms that has brought Nigerians a click closer to their desired products.

Five years agoonline shopping for the average Nigerian required third-party transactions especially when it came to high-end goods.  The idea of e-shopping platforms such as Amazon and Ebay were a lot easier, as a result of the availability of the necessary logistics that fit nicely into the scheme of how things were run, with the use of PayPal et.al. Hence, such ideas in Nigeria would have been grounded by the thought of the logistics involved alone and in addition, the hassle of the consumer spending hours in front of a computer was enough to put anyone off from taking up a project such as these but not JUMIA NIGERIA.

JUMIA NIGERIA is on the path of outstanding success whilst also inspiring other smaller online businesses since its emergence into the Nigerian market. It has also expanded its pick up points to several other states and improved warehouse facilities for its products;  a sign which indicates tremendous growth and profit returns for its stakeholders. Furthermore, unlike its foreign counterparts Amazon and Ebay, JUMIA NIGERIA offers a pay on delivery service option which is not only exceptional but strategically proven to be profitable and convenient to suit its target market. Now, there is no excuse not to shop online with JUMIA NIGERIA for what you need.

Online shopping with JUMIA NIGERIA is not just about business profitability; it’s about jobs creation, strategic growth and responsible corporate social responsibility. JUMIA NIGERIA’s owners have not only stepped out as pioneers in the E-commerce movement in Nigeria and Africa as a whole: they are now a force to reckon with and pioneers of economic changes worth emulating as well as channeling the gift of endless possibilities to up and coming entrepreneurs. No more excuses , “E-business is attainable despite the odds”. 

One fact is obvious;  JUMIA NIGERIA has hit it big, broken barriers and if its business growth projections are anything to go by, will be nothing short of phenomenal in the next decade.  JUMIA NIGERIA‘s strategic thrust and objectivity has been able to give clarity for it to test its core strategy and improve growth extraordinarily fast, so much so that it was able to access both the Moroccan, Kenyan and Egyptian online market as well as attract a foreign direct investment worth a whopping $20 million from a leading growth equity investor. Such funding is commonly associated with the banking, marine and oil and gas sector.

Pictures from JUMIA  NIGERIA gives back, as part of its corporate social responsibility.

JUMIA NIGERIA feed 1500 Destitute and Less- Privileged children

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