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Moving around Lagos just got a whole lot easier – Traffic Chief Nigeria

Traffic Chief Nigeria is an online crowd-sourced traffic visualization and notification app. The app gathers all the traffic tweets shared by everyday people like you and me on Twitter and does cool stuff with it!


Here are some of the cool things they do with our crowd-sourced data:

– Visualization of Traffic Data on Google Maps –

If you navigate to TrafficChiefNG.com on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer you will see their cool visualization of the traffic data. This App analyses the traffic data, arranges it by street for convenience, color-codes it according to traffic density and displays the result on an interactive and easy-to-use Google Map.

The Map makes use of legend icons to highlights specific areas of interest such as Accidents, Construction Work, Criminal Activity, etc. This is the perfect tool for checking the traffic situation along the route you’re about to take to enable you make well-informed decisions (like whether or not to take an alternate route) that will save you both time and money on your daily commute. Their “Traffic in Pictures” section is a gallery of all the pictures taken by users within the specified period, because sometimes pictures speak a thousand words!

How it Works – Historic Traffic Map – All the traffic data they analyse is stored on their servers enabling them do interesting things with the data like go back in time to see what the traffic was like on a specific day in the past.

They have even dedicated a section on their website to highlight a compilation of some of the most eventful past traffic incidents they have come across in Lagos, Nigeria.

Take a minute or two to browse through, you may find something interesting:


– Mobile Web App –

If you browse their website using a mobile device you will be redirected to their mobile web app; a mobile-friendly website that allows you to select a road from a drop-down-menu, which shows you all the traffic reports and pictures about the road you just selected. This lets you stay up-to-date with the latest traffic information on all major roads and routes in Lagos, Nigeria while you are on the move!


Traffic Alerts –

With this feature, users can monitor traffic tweets for interesting new content and alerted via email (or twitter) when incidents occur that, they specified. Traffic Alerts are email and twitter updates of the latest relevant traffic information based on your queries. When setting up a Traffic Alert you can specify what type of incident you wish to monitor (e.g. accident along third mainland bridge, criminal activity along lekki-epe expressway, etc) and what email address you would like to receive the alerts. Therefore, whenever incidents are detected, you will receive an automatic alert.

It’s that simple!


– Social Media –

TrafficChiefNG is very active on Social Media with over 1400 followers on Twitter and over a thousand fans on Facebook. They use these platforms to post important traffic information, recognize top traffic report contributors daily and educate our fans with regular safety tips, driving tips, and emergency tips, etc.


Twitter: twitter.com/trafficchiefng

Facebook: facebook.com/trafficchiefng


Coverage & Planned Expansion –

The app currently focuses on Lagos, Nigeria but there are plans to expand their coverage to include Port Harcourt, Abuja, Warri and other major (and smaller) cities of Nigeria.


BlackBerry App –

They have recently released an app for BlackBerry 7 OS and later (BB10 not currently supported) with apps for other major platforms like BB10, iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the works:


For More Info, visit . www.trafficchiefng.com




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