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Nigeria’s Real Estate Marketplace: Search for great properties, Make informed decisions with “Hutbay”


Hutbay is an online real estate marketplace dedicated to helping home buyers, sellers, renters, real estate professionals and mortgage institutions find and share vital information about homes and real estate. Hutbay listings are curated directly from agents while providing a free and unbiased search results to its users.

Hutbay was birth from the first hand-experience of the pains and stress involved with apartment hunting in Lagos via traditional means by its founders, the duo knew things has to change. Armed with programming skills and passion, they set off to finding the ultimate solution to property search and real estate marketing in Nigeria.

Hutbay.com went live on the 24th of May 2013, with its user-base steadily growing. The company is the first in Nigeria to have the real estate apps built for Windows Phone, Android and Windows 8 devices. The company’s revenue model is centred on subscription by agents and also on advertisements.

Hutbay‘s team is made up of energetic young minds with deep interests in technology and business. The company is backed by angel investors from within and outside Nigeria.


Visit Hutbay – www.hutbay.com

Email Hutbay –  contact [at] hutbay.com

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