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Nigeria’s social media mogul – Laide Olabode


Meet Laide Olabode, aka Exschoolnerd. Nigeria’s very own social media expert and brand advocate mogul, Laide Olabode runs Exschoolnerd services, an online Media Marketing and Media Buying Services.

Laide, is one blogger many of us have come to know and love for her witty and humorous write-ups about her everyday real life encounters on the streets of Lagos, Laide caught our attention a few years ago with her sense of humour and ability to carry people along.  Just like marmite, love or hate her; one fact remains, you can’t deny her creativity and innovativeness in turning her love for social media into a revenue generating business.

Laide has become a brand advocate, the “go to woman” when it comes to recommending products and services, while the rest of us tweet away on various issues, Laide gets paid to tweet. Who would have ever thought? That a simple sense of humour and a passion for marketing would catapult here to where she is today.

Laide Olabode has to be my very own queen of shops, she talks about a product and the sales go through the roof.

In a world full of opportunities and creativity, Laide has been able to carve her own niche, and has stayed true to her vision for success.

Whoot Africa celebrates her success.

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Email- Exschoolnerdconnect@yahoo.com

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