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One less aspect of your event to worry about – ASHOEBI.COM delivers


The average Nigerian attends at least 5 to 10 weddings, family events, and celebrations per year. And all these events need Ashoebi.com. In this present generation however, people have little time to plan for most events because of their work and businesses and so we saw a gap to be filled. We decided that “People need these services, we’ll offer these services to them”.

Ashoebi.com is moving at a very admirable pace in the space of two months they have achieved a lot! They have various partnerships with various organisations and trade merchants.

They also deliver internationally and currently have matching accessories on display on the website. Ashoebi.com has created a buzz and has a very promising future.

One of their major milestones however was getting the relevant partnerships with trusted and reliable fabric merchants and companies.

No more chasing debtors, simply upload your event, fabric specifications and guest list. Ashoebi.com will deliver to your guest and notify you when your guest makes a purchase.


Here’s one less aspect of your event to worry about, shop with Ashoebi.com.


Visit Ashoebi.com

Call – +2347098820892  +2348134869596

Email – info@Ashoebi.com

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