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ReBirth Collection: Bringing Leather to Life
ReBirth Collection: Bringing Leather to Life

The Nigerian fashion scene went agog a few years back, when ReBirth Collection stepped out with its genesis collection.

The specially crafted line of leather bags became a necessary fashion accessory for the stylish Nigerian woman.  Almost 4 years down the line, ReBirth Collection is doing extremely well, and is about to showcase its third collection come this fall.

Rebirth Collection is a line of luxury handcrafted leather handbags, which incorporates functionality with style, multi-way leather straps, key holders and hidden pockets to help the stylish woman stay organised and fashionable on the go.

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Rebirth is all about the creativity, quality and individuality of each piece; with a vision for creating timeless pieces, thoughtful designs while maximizing workmanship without compromising on quality.

“The same thread that runs through all our bags is the theme” … timeless.

Rebirth collection creates bags that will pay no attention to the short-lived fashion trends of the main stream market, but have their own unmistakable and exclusive style that would make them an object of desire for many seasons to come.

Redefining what is beautiful, and introducing a new element and making it all work together.  Each bag is individually crafted with dedicated workmanship and care; while beauty and design are the distinguishing elements of ReBirth bags, quality and authenticity of its materials are of the highest importance.

ReBirth describes its vision of beauty in what they do, and what Rebirth is about; grows out of that sense of discovery, and our relationships with creative sources.

Our quest for wanting to bridge the gap between modern technique and traditional craftsmanship, and with our inspiring customers, all of whom endlessly surprise us by telling us not just what they need, but what they fancy.

Fancy a timeless or customized piece ? Then look no further, contact ReBirth Collection today.

Email – info@rebirthcollection.com

For wholesale enquires – wsale@rebirthcollection.com

ReBirth Collection Website – www.rebirthcollection.com

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