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So in the first article we introduced some of the issues that crop up when you are a fabulous and fierce female but now…it’s time to get up close and personal ladies! It’s hard getting someone to talk to when you are a woman at the top and that’s why we wish to break this wall of silence by empowering current and would be female CEOs with all the information they need and no one really talks about because they assume you know everything already. The first is dressing for success.

Whoever said, ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts, couldn’t have been more optimistic about humankind but did you know that dressing well has been proven to INCREASE YOUR INCOME? Your self esteem? And garner the respect of your peers?

Regardless of what you’ve done in the past, how much money you have, how famous you are, or your size? A well dressed woman will always be respected…whether she deserves it or not! That’s a point you need to let sink in for about 1 minute before you continue reading…

Dressing your part, whatever that part may be, is vital to communicating the impression of who you are and who you want to become, and ideally, it should be the last thing you plan out before the start of a new day. As to how to look your best as a boss, you need to spend time pulling together pieces and create a look that flatters you, gives you confidence, and makes you happy.

Apply the following for a more pulled together look:

  • PLAN IN ADVANCE: Don’t wait till first thing in the morning and fling on the first thing you see. Find 30 minutes per week and pull together 7 looks in advance. Thirty minutes may seem like a lot (especially to busy mom’s) but remember what I said in the second paragraph about dressing being proven to increase your income? That’s the motivation you need
  • INCORPORATE YOUR FAVOURITE COLOURS SUBTLY: Everyone has a favourite colour but alas you cannot colour block in these shades five days a week especially if you have a preference for really bright colours. How about incorporating your favourite colours into a statement piece or the paint on your toenails or a really fabulous bag?
  • WEAR WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU: Skirt suits may be oh so stylish but if you still have issued crossing your legs, stick to smart tailored pant suits. You will feel more relaxed, which will increase your comfort level
  • THE LONGER THE SLEEVE, THE MORE THE RESPECT: One of the weirdest gauges of authority especially in Nigeria is shirt lengths. It started in school to differentiate seniors from juniors and apparently it crossed over into the work place. Want to automatically get more respect? Stick to long sleeves during power meetings and the work week.
  • GO ALL OUT FROM MONDAY TO WEDNESDAY: Chances are most of your meetings, planned and unplanned will come up from Monday to Wednesday. Make sure you are “glammed” up and ready for anything
  • KEEP A SPARE OUTFIT AT WORK OR IN YOUR CAR: Ladies anything can happen, from a Million dollar life changing meeting fixed on a day you least expected or an unfortunate accident with a yummy but messy sandwich… be prepared
  • KEEP SPARE EXTRA HIGH HEELS IN THE CAR OR OFFICE:  This is especially good for some of us who really really love our sandals and slippers. You don’t have to march all day in your heels especially if you work in an office environment that doesn’t require them but you do need to be prepared in case you need to put them on and continue ruling the world with pink nail polish AND heels.

  • DRESS TO REPRESENT WHO YOU ARE NOW AND WHAT FITS YOU BEST NOW:  God knows we all love a good trendy piece and sometimes we are sure that what made us feel fabulous in years past would be just as fab on us right now but its important YOU dress for the YOU who exists here and now in 2013. Much as you’d love to dress as a skinnier or long haired or younger version of yourself, embrace who are now cause you are fabulous.


Now maybe you’re reading this article and thinking, “Please, no one focuses on what I’m wearing that much.” If this is you, then you are the exact person who should print this and pin it to their wall.  If you assume that showering and putting on last week’s crumpled up skirt and fitted shirt is the maximum effort you need to exert, you are wrong. After all, In business, it really is true that you never (or seldom) get a second chance to make a awesome first impression.

Finally, if you know you need help and have no idea what to do or who to turn to, go online  and visit http://www.signature9.com/style-99 to find a blog that is right for you. Your career (and your business) will thank you.

Remember, life is what you make of it and above all, always, always, to thine own self, always remain true.


About the author: Nkoyo Veronica Efretei

nkoyoNkoyo is a Strategic HR/HCD Business Partner, Entrepreneur, mentor, trainer, amateur chef, Document Doctor, and HR advocate. She has a B.A. in English and Literary Studies and MSc in Human Resource Management and is passionate about helping people and living her life to the fullest. Since 2012, she and her colleagues  have empowered thousands of youths on the importance of acquiring the right skills for success in Life, linked employers with the right employees, built dozens of SMEs, and right now through her firm Insiteful Solutions, she will be introducing a revolutionary talent acquisition scheme right here in Nigeria that will create new jobs and teach companies the importance of creating and maintaining affordable but best practice human capital/branding/operations systems and procedures.

Nkoyo "Nikky" Veronica Efretei

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