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Shop directly from International online retailers with Mall For Africa

MallforAfrica is a global economy e-commerce infrastructure company focused on providing Africans with the ability to purchase items directly from international online retailers. With focus on online retailers in the USA, Europe and online retailers in Africa, in a seamless manner; with its patent pending application, platform and payment system MallforAfrica gives users access to over 7.8 billion items; accessing a true global economy infrastructure.

MallforAfrica does this by providing a patent pending platform that enables Africans shop directly on foreign e-commerce sites, select items of their choosing, and then buy the items selected instantly on their platform. Their purchased items are then shipped to the buyers’ home or one of their local pickup locations within days. Until now most African’s in Africa could not purchase directly from US and European e-stores.

MallforAfrica manages all aspects of the order life cycle from payments, logistics, duties, delivery and everything in between. MallforAfrica today has over 70 top USA and UK websites on the MallforAfrica Platform with new websites added every month.

MallforAfrica is currently focused on Nigeria, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with plans of expanding to other African countries in 2014.

Website: www.mallforafrica.com.

Platform website:  www.mallforafricaplus.com






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