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Shop happy with Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket – Gloo.ng

With choices, comes convenience.  Online shopping doesn’t have to be so complicated, when you do it with Gloo.ng!!! Nigeria’s Biggest Online Supermarket.



Gloo.ng is a pure-play electronic retailing service dedicated to delivering quality products to your doorstep with guaranteed safe online shopping.

Gloo.ng, offers its customers and clients same-day delivery and at very affordable prices too, as well as a wide variety of high quality brands of grocery and living essential items to choose from.


Gloo.ng provides her clients very convenient, efficient and affordable means of shopping for their living essentials, saving them irreplaceable time, needless stress and value for money, thereby enriching their lives with the happiness these savings facilitate. Gloo.ng is more than an online e-commerce website.

It is a vision! We are not in the business of selling living essentials: our business is Saving You Time, Saving You Money, and Enriching Your Life with HAPPINESS! Our True North is to do to supermarket shopping in Nigeria what Amazon did to book shopping in the US.

Gloo.ng’s offers include –

  • Food and Drinks
  • Homes essentials
  • Child Care products
  • Beauty and Personal care
  • Pharmacy
  • Bulk store purchases for wholesalers


Why not shop on happiness aisle with Gloo.ng !!!!


Start shopping today at www.gloo.ng

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If you need help with navigating Gloo.ng’s website or any questions about shopping with gloo.ng, their dedicated team are on hand to help you out… Click here —> Gloo.ng 


Also look out for the CEO of Gloo.ng Dr Olumide Olusanya on Whoot Africa’s 15 Questions with the CEO in the coming weeks.

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