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Opiid is a social marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in an environment where they can interact, post shop questions, connect to stores, and sell products. We help buyers and sellers communicate easily with each other, locate products from various merchants at highly competitive rates, and close transactions while making higher sales and purchases.


Opiid is built on the principle that individuals and merchants can make far higher sales and purchases in an environment they’re most comfortable in. It brings merchants closer to the customers and improves their customer service experience.



  1. Are you a business that finds it difficult to communicate with customers?
  2. Are you a customer looking for an environment to ask for a product, price, or questions about a product from individuals and merchants?
  3. Are you a business that cannot afford to rent a physical store for the sale of your goods?
  4. Do you have fairly used goods and don’t know how or where to sell them?
  5. Are you a business that desperately needs a massive sales boost?
  6. Are you a business that needs an environment to not only increase sales, but to also connect with other businesses?
  7. Are you an individual searching for ways to earn money from your hobbies?


Opiid carefully considered these problems and came up with a platform, which eased the stress for everyone.


Sign up today. It’s easy! It’s free!!

Official Website: www.opiid.com

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