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Tell us your location & we’d bring the services to you – Tranzit.ng

Tranzit.ng  is a free web/mobile taxi booking service that recommends interesting places and events around a user based on the user’s location.

Tranzit is majority owned by the founders (Rodney Jackson-Cole, Muyiwa Boris and Ugochi Nicole Ugbomeh) of the award winning Taxipark, who are all well-grounded in Computer Science/ Information Technology.

Initially we built Taxipark in early 2012 and although business was quite promising, we felt limited with the features of Taxipark and decided to build something new. That’s how Tranzit.ng (www.tranzit.ng) came to be.

However, the Journey thus far has been an exciting one. We have gotten a lot of feedback, both positive and constructive, all of which continues to guide us in building a better service with Tranzit.ng.


Our edge is that we have studied the market extensively and have a profound understanding of the transportation industry, especially the taxi business, thereby allowing us to identify and satisfy the needs of the market.

We want Tranzit to be the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of a taxi-booking service or even a location service. We also see Tranzit rapidly expanding to other major cities in Nigeria, and key countries across Africa.

Tranzit is available for download from the Blackberry, MTN Nigeria and Android stores for FREE!  Users should expect a continuous stream of new features with each significant upgrade from Tranzit. We are voracious consumers of data and we use this to continuously improve our offerings. Note that even if you are abroad you can register and book your taxi prior to your arrival in Lagos, Nigeria.



Visit Tranzit.ng or Download from the Blackberry or Android App stores for free.


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