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The brand two Way Street is now open for business – Find out what your consumers think about your brand with Feedbackplus.net

Feedbackplus.net, is a Web service which provides a platform for consumers to communicate constantly and continually with providers of products and services.


Consumers truly have their right to feedback.

In this increasingly competitive world, organizations find they need to interact more and more with the users of their products and services. Accountability to the public is today an essential element of service provision. We are all human and make mistakes from time to time. This is not a problem as long as mistakes are realized, redressed and improvements are made for the future.

Research shows that nearly half of us will never make a complaint, mainly because we do not want the hassle or simply do not know how to go about it. This needs to change, not to turn us all into fault-finders but because organizations themselves welcome feedback.

Feedbacks are a gift, giving opportunity to improve products and services and to retain customer loyalty rather than lose them to competitors.

Feedbackplus.net is established to help customers give feedback and for organizations to also respond. Feedback procedures are often very difficult to track down and even when the procedures are found, they can seem very complicated and confusing. This portal aims to bring necessary information and channel under one umbrella, providing a one-stop platform for customers/consumers who want to give feedback. We even make it easier for you by providing the platform to read other consumers views and feedback about organizations as well as the organizations’ appreciation of customers pains/feedback; and by allowing you to communicate your complaints, concerns and issues to the relevant people where possible.

Feedbackplus.net is completely independent and does not represent any third party. We are here to provide a facility to benefit all and sundry.

So don’t suppress those frustrations – communicate your complaints. Often you will be surprised by the response, you will feel a lot better for doing it and at the end of the day everyone (you, the organizations and other customers) benefits.

Feedbackplus.net is for your use. The more you use it the better the service will become. We would love to hear your feedback regarding what we might be doing wrong or what we can improve on. So once you’ve had a good look around why not send us some comments at info@feedbackplus.net

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