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The man on the move – Meet Maje Ayida


Meet Maje Ayida, CEO of Eden Lifestyle Nigeria. A Lagos based health and fitness brand, Maje is an entrepreneur, ex-banker and fitness enthusiast; whose love and passion for health and wellness prompted him to leave his successful banking career for the fitness world.

While working in the banking industry a few years back, Maje Ayida became increasingly frustrated at the lack of fitness facilities in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. Stating that the few fitness facilities that existed were primarily created to service hotel clients where they existed.  He decided there and then to take up his fitness certifications, which he did with the YMCAFit in the United Kingdom.

Leaving the Finance world to qualify as a personal trainer is one decision Maje Ayida proudly looks back with no regrets, his love for a healthy lifestyle has helped him develop techniques to help those looking to stay fit, as well as establish his Eden Lifestyle brand. A brand which has become the success that it is today, Eden Lifestyle was officially launched in February 2012.


Maje Ayida has no regrets leaving the banking industry; he encourages an active lifestyle through articles and editorials, wellness seminars, television and radio appearances, corporate fitness consultancy et.al. Using his experience and expertise, he offers honest and practical insights to inspire and motivate people to pursue healthy lifestyles options.

Recently, Maje Ayida, extended his support to various charities by organizing fitness campaigns to spread the word about health and fitness, while admonishing the younger generation to be more active, and raising money for charity in the process.

His last outdoor fitness campaign was sponsored by both the “Max retail store” and “Aquafina”

It’s not every day one comes across entrepreneurs who have been able to turn their passion into business ventures.

Whoot Africa Salutes Mr Maje Ayida for his contribution towards keeping Lagos healthy.

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