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Whoot Africa’s Best Advice Series – Part 1″ Olushola Pacheco, Maje Ayida, Lanre Akinlagun, Modupe Macaulay & More

I first discovered the “Best Advice” series on LinkedIn via Business Insider, making sure to read almost every piece ever posted, my curiosity on what made great business men and women exceptional drove me to search them out, one profile after another, from great men like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, some of whom have written their own piece on the Best Advice series.

Starting out with Whoot Africa hasn’t been easy, sometimes I get tired, frustrated and even a few Eureka moments, but truth is, I enjoy discovering new businesses, learning via correspondence and that unique first feeling when I receive written interviews from the various CEOs I have interviewed for Whoot Africa’s 15 Questions Series with the CEO is nothing short of priceless.

One curious evening, I was going through LinkedIn looking for my next post to share, and it hit me…. Why don’t I put together my own Best Advice series?

Whoot Africa has set out to ask Entrepreneurs, Top professionals, Entertainers, Media personalities and technology pioneers and Inspirational personalities across Africa on the Best Advice they ever received.

So here we are!  I realize the “Best Advice series” wouldn’t be what I want it to be without my own little personal touch. So here goes my own Best Advice and the others to follow over the next few months on Whoot Africa!!!


Olushola Pacheco, The mouse behind WhootAfrica.com

The best Advice I ever received, I received and observed from my father. They are as follows

  1. Never underestimate the GOD factor, he is capable of making you successful beyond your imagination if you let him and also play your part.
  2. People are only as honourable with their words in the moments when they make it, keep it notarized as even the best of us default when we cannot be sued. An agreement notarized keeps the air as friendly as possible and business as stress free and splits as cordial as possible.
  3. Never give a 100% loan…. if you can let go of 40% as a gift, give that instead.
  4. You should never be afraid to ask, a “No” answer helps you to focus your energy on other aspects of finding a solution than dealing with the What Ifs.
  5. Forgive disloyal people and help them on their way. Those who have the capacity to betray in little, have no problem doing it in bigger ways and at a higher cost.
  6. Work hard on your priorities and your successes will bring even more deserving people into your life. You have to believe in you first, the world is about abilities and proof.
  7. You have to be comfortable and enjoy walking alone; to be able to bring others along on your journey, as you cannot give what you don’t have. Enjoy your own company first.
  8. Lastly, be observant. You learn that actions paint priceless Picasso’s than words.



Maje Ayida of Eden Lifestyle Nigeria


Best Advice I Have Ever Received:-


My Life Coach, Shola Kotun, gave me some key advice.

“Do not be crippled by the lack of funding, learn to barter a service for a service”.

This has had the biggest single impact on my progress because I know so many dreams die due to lack of money. I learned to keep moving even when no cash was available. It’s so important to believe in yourself and in your product for this to be possible. Keep swimming, even if it’s against the tide. There is no room for procrastination.



Funmi Ibiyode of Style Rebirth

funmi ibiyode

“It’s so hard to choose my best entrepreneurial advice but I’ll have to go with what one of my mentors once shared with me.

“Take that risk, the only thing you have to lose is not taking it at all because you never know if it’s worth it or not till you take it”


Bankole Oluwafemi of TechCabal


Earlier in the year, Chude Jideonwo reminded me of something important that I knew but I guess I’d forgotten at the time.

The power of getting out there to “just do it”. Four months after TechCabal started, I’m glad I did.

 Lanre Akinlagun of Drinks.ng

Lanre Akinlagun

The best advice I ever got was from a friend of mine who is also a successful entrepreneur within the Internet space. Nothing else matters in business but winning, and winning fast.

Forget about all the fluffy vanity metrics, glorified numbers that don’t add up to revenue, there needs to be a winning formula and that is revenue, nothing else matters in business but cold hard cash in the bank.

Winning and revenue is what we focus on at drinks.ng


GOSSY Ukanwoke, Founder of Beni American University and Students Circle Network


The best advice I have received is from my father, and it continues to be a compass for me till today.


It has thought me to never rely on what I currently know or my own personal understanding, however I am poised to explore, to learn more, to know more and to gain a higher understanding, no matter how good I am at anything.

Particularly, it has to do with things I have gotten very good at over time or those things I grew up knowing how to do effectively.


My father said to me – “Gossy, Talent is Never Enough”.

He went ahead to give me the book – “Talent is Never Enough” by John C. Maxwell


Modupe Macaulay, Founder of CapitalSquare

Take a break.” – My parents.


I guess it’s a bit odd that this is the best piece of advice I’ve gotten, but it’s true.


As entrepreneurs and start-up founders, our businesses tend to just take over every aspect of our lives. We think, eat and breathe our businesses, stressing ourselves over the things we can control and the things we can’t. And if you’re like me and you’ve got a day job too, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Between setting up CapitalSquare, trying to be productive at my day job, and trying to survive the general hassle that is life in Nigeria (or Lagos, to be precise), my life was a mess and I was tired ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Not good for body or mind.

It took a couple of very long, very serious talks from Mr and Mrs Macaulay to set me straight. I needed to stop stressing so much, especially over things I couldn’t control. I needed to chill once in a while, have a useless day or two to recharge. I needed to delegate more, and stop micro-managing so much. Work hard, yes, but don’t kill yourself. Entrepreneurship is a big deal, but when it’s not a life or death affair, don’t make it one.



Toye Akinwale of Thatnewjob.com Ghana


“The best advice, well I have received a few from several extremely successful individuals over the years. I will like to share two, both of which I adopted (and still do today) when I started –


“When starting out, always keep costs as low as possible especially as you tend to have little or no income initially”

“If it was easy running your own business, everyone would be doing it”

Although both self-explanatory, I find a lot of people make the same mistakes in business. Always keep costs as low as possible without compromising the quality of your product/service when starting out. Additionally, be prepared to work hard to run and grow your business.  Hard work, focus and determination are mandatory to be successful.

If you want to share your best advice with Whoot Africa, as a business man or woman, media personality or by simply being an inspirational personality … Kindly email us at – info@whootafrica.com …




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