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Whoot Africa’s Best Advice Series – Part 2 ” Babasola Kuti, Neil du Preez, Bukky Karibi-Whyte,Nobel Igwe & More

The first part of the best advice series really did surpass my expectations, its true what they say about the hardest part of anything is choosing whether to do it or not. I am beyond words, and I’d love to say a massive thank you to everyone who decided to share the word via facebook, twitter and even instagram and to my faithful readers who check out whootafrica.com everyday….. You guys will continue to be my inspiration.

Last week saw us adding more names to the best advice series and a few more inspirational interviews.

Did you miss the first part? Click here …. Here we go with the second part!!!


   Neil du Preez of Mellowcabs South Africa


I reckon the best advice I’ve heard and that I can give is to build and concentrate on your strengths.

Too many people go through their lives hung up on their weaknesses, and never rising above them. I don’t believe in conforming to the norm, if you really excel in one thing, do your best to become absolutely incredible at it. It’s really important to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

Build and develop your strengths, they are really your biggest asset, and get someone to help on your weaknesses.

Personally I’m not the world’s best accountant, so I have really strong chartered accountants supporting me.

O, and as always, honour your family for supporting you.


    Bukky karibi-Whyte of Bobby Taylor PR

The best advice I ever received was from my mom who is an entrepreneur in PR & Marketing herself and she said to me one day “With business, you have to be consistent, you have to keep going, no matter what happens, you keep going with new trends, innovative ideas, fresh strategies…you just keep going”.

This is something I have learnt and is a part of me now. I simply keep going, always looking for new outlets, fresh platforms, new strategies to keep our clients in the fore front of media and their target market.

Consistency is critical to the survival and success of any business.



       Ola Dantis of Cornerstone Associates

ola dantis


Trying to constantly figure out what life is really all about has subjected many before us to an eternal search of the “truth” and will possibly do the same to many after us.

Tunji Lardner, an incredibly brilliant intellectual first introduced me to the philosophy of the Rite of Passage. When he mentioned it, I had to ask him to elaborate on this idea.

Rite of Passage suggests that life often follows a transitional path from one stage to another.

This school of thought has impacted my life as an entrepreneur in terms of understanding that life should not only be placed and measured on the premise of success and failure, but more importantly, the transitional phases should be viewed as progressive and entrepreneurs must appreciate these phases as growth and learning curves.


            Nobel Igwe of 360 Nobs group

Nobe Igwe

~ The best advice I got that help strengthened came from my dad and it goes –

“Nwa’m chetakwa onye bu nna gi” My son, remember who your father is” and it has shaped the way I do business. My father is a successful business man, who built his business solely on hard work and those words always push me to work harder and never drag my family name through the mud. I always remember who my father is and the values that he stands for. ~


             Babasola Kuti of Siendon Nigeria

babasola kuti

The best advice I ever received was from my great Uncle and a legend industrialist Chief Chris Oladipo Ogunbanjo.

He told me “No matter how big your problems are, don’t worry yourself to death. The heavens will not fall. Even if they fall, as the Chinese say: “We have 1 billion people to hold it up”.

The journey into entrepreneurship is riled with hurdles and obstacles. Most of us want to own our own businesses without realising the acute challenges that this throws up into our lives.

As we begin the usually difficult task of getting our businesses into action, we begin to experience difficulties that stretch beyond our businesses and extend to our personal finances and family life.

For me those wise words have made it easy for me to sleep with a huge problem on my mind and still wake up focussed on solutions.

I am a systems analyst by training but with the wisdom from that statement, I have learnt to believe that there is absolutely no challenge that is insurmountable.

It has helped me acquire a kind of inner strength that surprises many when as we say “it looks like it is over”, and I am able to ‘Houdini’ my way through what seemed impossible…I have built many businesses from scratch and even when the plan falls apart, I am always focussed on the objective. Forget about having a plan B, C and D…it can fall apart such that there seems no way out.

The most important thing is that immediately you identify where you want to be in businesses, don’t quit till you are there.

Even when you are down to your last pennies, begin to think about how you can achieve those goals without spending a dime.

You may not know 1 million Chinese people to prop up the heavens on your behalf, but out of the 100 people you know (who also know a 1000 people) someone somewhere will also be looking for what you have without you ever knowing.

When you are tired of running, jog!

When you are tired of Jogging, Walk!

When you are tired of Walking, Crawl…Don’t stop till you reach your destination.

Often times it is nearer than you think but you never know how near if you quit along the way.

I often muse that without problems, solutions would be useless.


            Dr Olumide Olusanya of Gloo.ng


Hence the best advice I have received in my entire life is this: “This book of The Word of God should not depart out of your mouth; instead, meditate therein continually, in order to put it to work: for then shall you make your way prosperous, and then shall you have good success.

The advice is from the Word of God Himself.

The way it has impacted my life as an entrepreneur is that there is no venture I cannot succeed at once I consistently set this advice into motion because the end result has always been and will always be good success



Nkoyo “Nikky” Efretei  of Insiteful solutions Abuja

Isn’t it wonderful how much we code everything in Nigeria. Talking about everything and saying nothing especially when it comes to business. Many a time business owners learn by trial and error but we have been fortunate to meet some truly spectacular mentors.

Best advice I ever heard? Hmmm… be able to do a lot of things but focus on marketing a maximum of two services at a time. Provide all types of costs and solutions but keep it simple and know your selling point.

My 2013 unique selling point was business writing and brand manual creation.  We do a lot but want to be known for our writing and complete design solutions. 2014 will be blended business solutions and talent management.

So my best advice!!!! Focus your marketing 100% on a maximum of 2 services



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