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Whoot Africa’s Best Advice series Part 5 ” Kola Osinowo, Ayo Alli, Adedotun Ibrahim & More

“So take a chance and don’t ever look back” In the words of Hans F Hansen, People inspire you, or they drain you- Pick them wisely.  The journey to business success or life’s fulfillment has never and can never be straight, it’s not a one size fits all travelling kit, there are bumps along the way: Moments of doubts, Eureka moments and many victories big and small… But one fact remains… The Flexible will never be bent out of shape.

This week on Whoot Africa’s Best Advice series, you get to read from a few more Entrepreneurs and change advocates.

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Be Inspired.

Kola Osinowo, Nokia West Africa Account Manager and Change Advocate.

kola osinowo

I read this quote from one of the best business books I ever read authored by one of the best brains in modern business.. “Re-Imagine by TOM PETERS”.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  No entrepreneur or business leader will ever succeed without taking calculated risks, try something new, challenge the status quo or invert a known cliché.  This is the DNA of an innovator and growth leader, no is not an answer it is the question and this is how I approach every task, project or business. For example, why should we buy socks in pairs? Why should they match? Why must we get the menu when you sit in a restaurant? Why not after the meal? Why should you ever charge your phone? Why should you store a contact on the phone?

Asking why and taking a decisive action is key to business growth.


Ayo Alli, Digital Entrepreneur/ Eskimi Nigeria

Best advice. This was given to me by Nick Binkley – a Californian based VC (Forrest, Binkley & Brown) & former Vice-Chairman of Bank of America; who I am privileged to have as a mentor:

Welcome criticism, it’s your friend. As entrepreneurs we’re all passionate about our projects – we need this passion to keep going – but we tend to be blind to the flaws. Always have people around you who will be unafraid to point out the flaws in your plans, projects or concepts. In fact, seek people to do this on a regular basis. No one is perfect (nor is any idea, project, concept, or approach); and taking on board honest criticism is the only way to improve your project – as you can’t solve a defect if you won’t admit (or can’t see) that it’s there in the first place.

You should also apply this to yourself as a person….


Shedrack Hazoume, Fashion Entrepreneur, ‘TBR’ The Bespoke Royal.

Best advice I ever received, was from Robert G Allen.

He says the way to wealth is as plain as the way to market. It depends chiefly on two words.

Industry and frugality, that is; waste neither time nor money but make the best of both, if you don’t value money, you won’t make the effort to control it, if u can’t control it, you won’t be able to save it and if you can’t save it, there won’t be any surplus to invest, if you don’t understand investing you’ll be a less effective entrepreneur.

Knowing this made it clear to me that if I would have to play in the big league of business I would to learn to discipline myself and investing my resources in the right place and at the right time.

Today, this advice has made me to invest in myself by acquiring different skills in business and in fashion. Also I’ve been able to set up independent structures for my business.

Adedotun Ibrahim of Drab to Fab Interiors and ADILA Catering Services

I won’t consider myself an Entrepreneur yet, rather a “solopreneur”. I have received a lot of advice from numerous people. Best of which will be…

From my mum

In her words in Yoruba…. “Ishe o’kin pa ni, ise lon pani (Work doesn’t kill but poverty can)

Here are a few

“It can be hard especially when you are just starting but the key is to find that thing you really enjoy, work hard, research and reinvent yourself.”

“Just keep doing what you know best, it will be tough. You might lose out on some luxuries of life like the designer clothes and shoes but eventually, it will all be worth it.”

“If someday, you don’t earn money from what you do, will you still do it? Passion is the only thing that will sustain you when everything else fails you.”



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