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Whoot Africa’s Best Advice Series – Part 8 ” Bankole Cardoso, Chris Ogunlowo, Chika Unigwe & More

Happy New Year from us at Whoot Africa!!!

In the words of T.S. Elliot –

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

We welcome you to a new series of the Best Advice series; somehow, we hope we have been able to inspire you in 2013!

Here’s to bigger and better and more words of inspiration, encouragement and a little push to help you along your way in 2014.


          Bankole Cardoso, CEO and Founder Easy Taxi Nigeria

“Don’t present problems; offer solutions to problems”.

I received this advice from my former boss and I have lived by it ever since.  It has certainly made my life easier because I probably used to look to more senior people for solutions, which wasted time.  Since receiving this advice, I have forced myself to look for immediate solutions to problems, which has made me more confident when making decisions.

                              Chris Ogunlowo, CEO Kwirkly

Chris Ogunlowo

It sums it up nicely. Gutsy. No-Bullshitting.

Nike’s “Just do it”


               Chika Unigwe, Author and Motivational speaker

Chika Unigwe

When I was young, my mother advised me never to listen to gossip. Never to act on gossip, Never to allow anyone bring gossip to me.

Whatever no one could tell me to my face, she said, was nothing I should /ought to worry about. She also warned me that very often when people come with tales to you, they would have sat through the tale telling.

What he or she doesn’t tell you is what they themselves have said, some years ago, a friend came to tell me that another friend had gossiped about me to her. I told her I had no interest in hearing it, she was shocked. I knew that the friend she was talking about had a knack for gossiping but I also knew that if you showed no interest, she very easily shut up.

Besides, life is too short to listen to gossip. And my mother is right: what anyone says about me behind my back is their problem not mine


               Paddy Anigbo, IT Professional and Change Agent


The best advice I have ever received was from my friend in secondary school. “Be prepared to accept that you will not always be right”

This has helped me work in highly effective teams. It enables me bring out the best in the teams I have worked with.


            Tunji Andrews, Markets Analyst and BBC Business Commentator

Tunji Andrews

I basically live my life by 2 principles. The first is a quote from Sun Tzu’s the art of war “It is said that if you know your enemies and Know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles” which is why I seek knowledge like an addict, learning all I possibly can.

The 2nd which is a personal quote of mine is that, knowledge is not power, its only the right application of knowledge that is power. Which for me depicts that its not enough to Learn or even act, but to learn & act rightly, in the appropriate manner, at the specified time

I believe that with these 2 principles applied consistently, success is guaranteed always


                Kator Hule-Ingya, CEO Kator Hule Enterprises

Kator Hule

I started my entrepreneurship journey at the age of eleven as a photographer. Now at 31, my deep love for entrepreneurship is on the increase. My joy lies on the edge where several youths around me are inspired by the effort my team and I are making to make society a better place.

Throughout my entrepreneurship journey, one advice keeps me moving. It is from Donald Trump.

He said during an episode of The Apprentice that he was once in serious debts, and he fought back! I keep on tapping from this inner strength. As an entrepreneur – you and your organization will have targets and objectives. However, these are not end-points intrinsically.

An entrepreneur has to focus on the long-term picture. The needed currency to purchase satisfaction, to me, would be strategic thinking!




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